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Weight Management

Many people can, at some point in their lives, experience weight management problems.  For some, these can be managed easily through diet and exercise; whereas for others, a regular pattern of weight fluctuation may occur.  For the individual, this can result in a range of emotions from mild frustration to strong feelings of depression.


Hypnotherapy can be very successsul in helping clients to lose weight and to maintain this over a long period of time.  There are several common reasons that are associated with weight management:


   -  The client may have a "little" bit of weight to lose and may need help with motivation

   -  The client may have weight to lose because of comfort eating, stress eating, binge eating or boredom eating.  This could be caused by stress or anxiety; in some cases this could be a long term problem that even originated in childhood

   -  The client may find that they were well motivated at the start of a diet and find that the weight starts to decrease, but then struggle to maintain their efforts for long enough to get down to their target weight.  They might have had lots of experience of losing and then gaining weight - this could be described as a yo-yo dieter


Hypnotherapy tackles the client's relationship with food and the triggers that go with it.  With the client's full commitment, it is one of the most effective tools for weight loss incorporating a healthy eating and lifestyle plan.  The client regains control of their food choices and establishes new positive habits and beliefs; this helps them build and develop a healthier, happier and more positive lifestyle.

Virtual Gastric Band Therapy

Alongside our weight management programmes, we also offer the Virtual Gastric Band therapy which has a high profile within the media due to the success rates experienced.  Please click on this GMTV clip for more information from Dr Hilary or contact me directly for more details.