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Smoking is well renowned for being a habit that many people struggle to break.  Many people say they enjoy smoking as a form of stress relief, however, recognise the longer term negative impacts on health and finances.  Add to this the addictive nature of nicotine and it is easy to understand how difficult it can be to make this change.


Some of the side effects commonly seen in regular smokers can be:

   -  Increased heart rate

   -  Increase in blood pressure

   -  The nervous system remains agitated for upto 48 hours after smoking

   -  Not to mention the associated smell, impact on taste sensations and any effect on close friends and family


Hypnotherapy can help clients to stop smoking through addressing the subconscious mind and changing the negative choices and habits that are present, replacing them with positive choices.  In order for you to be successful, firstly it is important to recognise that there is no magic wand to break this habit.  You need to be fully ready to take responsibility for this change; you will need willpower and the commitment to want to stop smoking.  It is also important to recognise that if we change this "bad" habit then we need to replace the benefits it gave (eg stress relief) with a different positive choice. 


We can help you to achieve this by conducting a 2 hour Smoking Cessation treatment which begins with consultation and questioning to understand the triggers of your habit.  We can then apply techniques at a subconscious level enabling you to change your beliefs and help free yourself from this smoking addiction.