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Dental Phobia

Even with all of today’s advancements with dental procedures and pain free procedures, a significant percentage of people suffer from fear of dental related situations.  Dental phobia is more widespread than it is acknowledged within the general public.  The causes and stimulus are wide and varied and could include:–


     Painful or negative experience during previous visits to the dentist

     Hearing sounds coming from the consulting room

     Lack of control in the dentist chair

     Sense of embarrassment concerning dental neglect


How can hypnotherapy work?

The good news is that if you suffer from fear or anxiety of going to the dentist there is something you can do about it.  Few people realise that hypnotherapy provides a highly effective means of dealing with dental phobia.

Most people will find 2-3 sessions is enough.  We will discuss your levels of anxiety you feel at each stage of your visit, or prior to your visit.  Then, through engaging with hypnotherapy and other tools and techniques (eg NLP), we will work on reducing your levels of fear or anxiety, so that you are in control at each stage of the dental visit.