Sue Starr Hypnotherapy

                                                                                            Clinical Hypnotherapist Dip Hyp DNLP GQHP GHRreg

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Stop Smoking

Weight Management

(Virtual Gastric Band)


Teeth Grinding/Bruxism

Tension Headaches & Migraines


Panic Attacks


Stress Management

Self Esteem


Fears & Phobias



Public Speaking

Interview Anxiety

Presentation Anxiety

Return to Work

Mental Strength

Competition Nerves


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"I decided to go to Sue as I tended to binge eat as a way of dealing with my emotions and had a negative attitude towards food. I was also lacking in confidence with my figure and was in going round in circles. My first consultation with Sue was a chat about what had gone on in my life which revealed to both of us there was multiple issues that I needed to work on. Sue is very approachable and easy to talk too and she came up with a plan of action and she discussed with me each step so I knew what to expect and Sue dealt with one issue at a time.  I felt after each session a positive effect and a change in myself. Sue gave me 'homework' between each session which kept me on track and even now I use them to keep my new habits going and not drift back to my old ways. Thank You Sue x"  GA Feb 2018



At Sue Starr Hypnotherapy, our skills at utilising Clinical Hypnotherapy as a tool for the improvement of people's lives have proved successful time and again.


It is appreciated by us that it can be a difficult decision to make a positive step in trying to improve an area of your life.  Through our lives we learn to cope or hide these "problems"  which can often not even be apparent to our closest friends or family.


Clients come to me with a range of conditions and concerns that can be as diverse as weight-loss, addictions and anxiety through to nail biting, phobias and public speaking.  Using a range of different tools and techniques we can help bring real and positive change to the day to day function of ordinary people. 


The client's needs and wishes are at the centre of our practice and the client's confidentiality and trust is paramount to our success.


This Hypnotherapy practice is fully insured through an industry approved insurer.


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